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The House With The Red Door

It is well documented throughout history that a red door was considered a bold welcome sign to strangers and weary travelers. In Chinese philosophy, a red door is a warm energy, or the “Mouth of Chi”, in the Feng Shui tradition of space and energy. When I was asked to sell the house on Koko Drive, their red door became the theme for the staging to give this home more appeal.

The front door was a beautiful red. The interior living space was less than 900 square feet and the walls were painted white. In a small space, a full-sized sofa is a mistake, everything must be to a proper scale in a small house. We arranged the furniture to maximized the flow and used color to create a warm and relaxing living area. The windows and sliding doors flooded the room with light and led to a comfortable covered lanai. Surprisingly, the kitchen was spacious and beautiful, which made this home feel grand. To pull it all together, we staged with this red color throughout the house together with the opposing blue and green tones. This home felt significantly larger and came alive because of the infusion of color.

This home sold at the full asking price with multiple offers. The result would have been less positive if this property were presented as a vacant home without staging. Many people do not have the ability to see furniture in a vacant room, you must stage a home to provide scale and solutions to potential buyers