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Over the course of a year, Cathy helped me to understand the local market on Oahu. She explained all about the various neighborhoods and drove me through each of them so I could get a feel for the different places. I settled on the town of Kailua. Once back home in Canada, she alerted me to new properties coming onto the market and continued to provide me with invaluable information on the merits or problems with each one of them. For properties I was particularly interested in, Cathy would ‘take me’ to the open houses via FaceTime or Skype and walk through them. This helped me enormously. In the end, I made an offer on a lovely Beachside home and with Cathy’s help closed on the property May 1, 2017. Not being familiar with purchasing a property in America, Cathy walked me through the process, helping me each step along the way. I call Cathy my “fixer”, as she was able to fix any of the problems or difficulties I had at every stage of the process. Cathy is extremely personable, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. If I had a query, she would respond to it immediately. I would not hesitate to give Cathy my highest possible recommendation; she certainly goes the extra mile for her clients!

- Glenda Hofmann, Vancouver, British Columbia

Cathy has really impressed me with her skills as a very different type of realtor. Unlike most others, she takes a “hands on” involvement in making improvements to the home and property to enhance value and increase interest by prospective buyers. Whenever a friend or relative talks about purchasing or selling real estate, Cathy is my recommendation bar none.


I can’t say enough about Cathy. She has been a blessing in my in my life. I started with other agents and I could tell you that they viewed me as a “ticket”. I never felt that way with Cathy and that’s why I chose to stick with her. She always looked out for what would be the best interest for my family and me. She taught me a lot. Couldn’t ask for a better person.


Never in my many moves have I ever met a more expert and dedicated agent than Cathy. Her knowledge in real estate is exceptional. Her knowledge base is broad and she knows the importance to both sellers and buyers. There is no, and I mean no others in the real estate field like Cathy. We could not be more pleased with her understanding of our needs to select the prefect house. She worked tirelessly to make sure all questions were answered in buying and selling a home. She is the best! Absolutely the best!!!!


I have bought and sold several residences, but Cathy is the only realtor who has actually helped me prepare for the sale of my residence. She provided beautiful staging, but also patched and painted where pictures were hung, used a grinder to remove a window grate, painted the exterior garden wall and purchased plants to enhance our landscaping. In addition, she not only advertised three open houses, but sent out beautiful flyers that featured photos taken by a top notch photographer. Cathy has so much energy and is very knowledgeable about how to fix things around the house. Her strategies and knowledge of the Hawaii market is invaluable. I highly recommend Cathy!


Cathy was a wonderful person to work with. She worked very hard to deal with our concerns and did a great job in staging our property. By her efforts, we were able to sell our home in just a few short weeks and at a price that exceeded our expectations.


Cathy is the best realtor that you could ever work with. She knows Oahu better than I knew my hometown and led me in the right direction on picking the right place for my family. Cathy also guided me on offering and getting the house that I wanted despite the owner receiving numerous other offers. I strongly recommend her to anyone moving to the Island.


Cathy is a phenomenal and talented individual who found me a beautiful home. She showed great patience and professionalism. She found me listings to look at around the clock and was very attentive to answering all my questions day or night with immediate responses. If you are serious about finding a house, this is the realtor you want to go with. She is someone who truly cares about your wants and needs.

Signature - Cathy J. Berenberg
Agent - Cathy J. Berenberg

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Cathy J. Berenberg

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