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Is It Time to Sell Your Home?

Sometimes changes in your life will force you to consider selling your home. The most common signs that it is time to move include:


Your family may be growing and you are beginning to feel cramped. If you live in a single family home, you might consider an addition. However, the combined cost for the building plans, permitting process and construction could be more expensive than the cost to move to bigger house.


Your house that once bustled with activity is now quiet and empty. Maybe your children have gone to college or a loved one has died. The house is full of memories, but you know it is time to move on.

Alternatively, you might be getting older. The maintenance of the home, which once was a pleasure, has now become a chore. It is more difficult to keep up the yard work. The roof, deck, fence and interior all need repair as the home ages. These issues can become a financial burden.


In Hawaii, the traffic can be a nightmare. Maybe you can’t spend one more day sitting in traffic, as you inch your way home from a long day at work. Your house is beautiful, but your time is more valuable. You are ready to move, as soon as possible.

When you moved into the condo, it seemed to be a perfect fit. Before long, the house rules and penalties for minor infractions took you over the top. Your neighbors were not quiet or respectful and the Board did little to address your complaints. You have had enough. It is time to move on.

You moved into your home and love it. Now you have young children, but the cost of private school is prohibitive. Even if your new home is a fixer, you want your children in a better school district.


Twenty five percent of the buyers in Hawaii are VA buyers. The military families are always on the move. As a service member, you bought a home here and hope to keep it for your retirement home. While you serve tours in other countries or on the Mainland, you might be tempted to rent your home. There are added cost in Hawaii for an absentee landlord. You must have a property manager, which can cost 10 to 15 percent of your rental income. In addition, the State will require you to pay general excise tax,of over 4.5 percent, for your rental income. You must also pay your property taxes, home owner’s insurance and mortgage (if there is one). Once these figures are calculated, you soon realize that the rent will not cover your monthly costs to keep the home. Reluctantly, you will likely sell your Hawaiian home.

Service members are not the only employees who are on the move. Hawaii has a population that is always in a state of flux. People come and go for many reasons.
If your employer asks you to take job on the Mainland or overseas, you may decide to sell your home.

No matter why you are leaving your current home, our team is ready to help. If you are ready to get started, call me at 808.800.1823 or email cathy(at)cbislandhomes(dotted)com