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The Heat Is On!

signs that its hot

Is it just your imagination or is it hotter than usual for the month of June? Nope, it’s not your imagination! Research shows that for the past few years temperatures are slowly rising, albeit just a half degree or so, but rising nonetheless. How will you cope with the heat? Is your air conditioning system adequate and working properly? More importantly, do you even have an air conditioning system? Assuming you would like a way to beat the heat, let’s take a look at how to select the proper air conditioning for your needs, whether it be split A/C, (where 1/2 the unit is outdoors), window units or central air conditioning.

1. Measure the area you need the air conditioner to cool. Measure width and length and then multiply the width by the length. This will give you the square footage to be cooled. If there’s no wall or door separating an adjoining room, add that area’s square footage as well.

2. Find an A/C unit with the recommended BTU rating for your space. By looking at a unit’s BTUs, you can know the area it is capable of adequately cooling. The higher the BTU, the larger the area it can cool. An air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 5,000 BTUs, for example, can cool areas that are between 100-150 square feet. For a room that is 150-200 square feet, you will need 6,000 BTUs. Just look on the label of the unit to see the recommended cooling area. Window units have capacities that range from 5,000 to 12,500 BTUs and are capable of cooling rooms that are 100-650 square feet.

3. Get an A/C unit with a higher BTU rating if your space receives a lot of sunlight. Add 10% for sunlight and subtract 10% if the room is heavily shaded.

Measure your window before selecting a window air conditioner. Window units come in a variety of sizes. Measure the height and the width of your window and make sure these dimensions are slightly larger than the A/C unit you purchase. The height, width and depth of the unit will be printed on its box.

If window units are not for you, consider the more popular split ductless unit if you want to cool several rooms.
It is called ductless because it does not require the installation of any air ducts in your home. Instead, a small hose runs through your wall and connects the inside unit to the outside one. The inside unit is typically mounted high on a wall near the ceiling. Remembering our school lessons that hot air rises and cool air falls, this is the ideal setup. These units are much more expensive than wall units and need to be installed professionally, but they can cool several rooms quietly and efficiently and can also be set on timers to save on cooling expenses when you are not home. It is my personal observation that they can cool a room rather quickly, so maybe you set your timer for 30 minutes before you arrive home!

If you do not like either options listed above, for whatever reason and still want the luxury of a cool house, consider central air conditioning. It is, by far the most expensive and difficult to install option, but it will cool your entire house versus only a few chosen rooms. On top of the expense of the units themselves you’ll have pay for pre-installation evaluation of your home, any necessary modification or installation of the ductwork and the actual installation of the unit. This is a once and done hefty expense but temperature/climate control of your entire house is without compare! Find a reputable, licensed contractor, and make sure to get references. Consider having the installation done in the off season for obvious reasons and sometimes the HVAC contractors are more available.

When buying a window or split A/C unit check the energy star value. These units use at least 10% less energy that conventional models.

Whatever you can do to stay cool in these hot times is worth considering!


What about writing a review for a restaurant that I have never visited? It that kosher? In reality, I have sampled the delicious dishes from Bombay Palace more than five times. The food was delivered from it’s Waikiki location to our Tripler clinic. The restaurant is owned by a Pakistani man, Imran Khan. Most of the dishes are halal, Northern Indian, however, you can find authentic Pakistani food like Chicken Malai (cream) and Shrimp Dhaniya (cooked with light gravy and coriander). Just two days ago we enjoyed Naan bread (soft leavened bread cooked in a tandoor oven, marinated overnight in spices herbs and yogurt), Tandoori Chicken that looked spicy but was just yummy and spicy Tans-doori Shrimp. I really enjoy the Palak Paneer. It is a well-known vegetarian Indian dish with pureed spinach and cheese seasoned with garlic and other spices. Many of the diners favored the Lamb Rogan Josh. This is tender pieces of lamb cooked in a creamy yogurt based sauce with secret spices. Another favorite of mine is the Vegetarian Samosa. A crisp, lightly browned turnover filled with potatoes and green peas. I cover it with Raita, a refreshing yogurt with grated cucumber and tomatoes. This week I omitted the Lamb Vindaloo, a concoction of spices with potatoes and cocktail onions. Take it from me it is so stimulating and riveting to the palate but I am recovering from a cold and have a troublesome cough … nothing super spicy for me this week! You can find many vegetarian dishes as well as Biryani rice plates. By the way, the food seems to be getting better over the past two years!

I recommend take out for a special occasion at work or home. The atmosphere is not very exciting but they do valet.

Discovery Bay Center, 1178 Ala Moana Blvd. Lunch, 11:45 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.; Dinner, 5 to 10 p.m. daily. 941-5111,



July 4th … It is another exciting year for fireworks at Kailua Beach Park. Head over there early and claim a spot for the festivities, which begin at 5 PM. There will be an air show, followed by music from the Marine Corps Forces Pacific Band. The fireworks begin at 8 PM.

July 4th …Waikiki fireworks in Honolulu include: fireworks at the Ala Moana Beach Park and fireworks at Waikiki Beach on Kalakaua Avenue which can be viewed from the water on the Star Independence Day Cruise, the Atlantis Cruises and just about any tower in Honolulu.

July 6th … If you are in search of a fun-filled evening, consider joining the Moiliili Summer Fest celebration on University Avenue from 5 PM until 10 PM. There you will enjoy the music, food and gift booths and Honolulu’s largest Bon Dance. Check out their website for more information:

July 6th… If you enjoy the movies offered on the big screen on Kuhio Beach in Waikiki, this month the movie will be Mary Poppins Returns. The movie begins at 4:30 PM.

June 13th… The lawn at the Bishop Museum will be the site for the Hawaii Beer Fest from 6 PM until 9 PM. There will be over 100 micro beers to sample along with food pairings, adult games and music hosted by DJs and Hitmixers from local radio stations. For more information visit:

July 13th and 14th …The Haleiwa Arts Festival at Haleiwa Beach Park will feature over 140 locals artists selling and displaying their creations, along with live entertainment and lots of food booths. It begins at 10 AM on Saturday morning, but get there early for a better parking space.

July 13th-14th … Enjoy the Hawaii State Farm Fair at Kualoa Ranch. The children will see pigs, chickens, goats, a steer and many more farm animals in the 4-H Livestock Tent. There will be hilarious eating contests, kiddie rides, and plenty of delicious food.
The cost for children is Free, while admission for adults is five dollars. For more information, check out their website:

June 19th …. From 4:30 -7:30 PM the Honolulu Zoo is presenting four evenings of music from popular local musicians every Wednesday evening in July, including Kapena, Roy Sakuma’s Super Keiki, Beat Lele and the Makaha Sons. There will be pre-concert
activities for children. For more information about activities at the zoo, check out their website:

July 20th and 21st … The Prince Lot Hula Festival takes place at Iolani Palace. This is the largest non-competitive hula celebration in Hawaii. It is FREE. There will be food, a craft fair and cultural demonstrations. Bring your own chairs and blankets and spend a relaxing day on the lawn at the Palace.

July 21st… If you love the ukulele, don’t miss the Annual Ukulele Festival at Kapiolani Park from 10:30 AM until 5 PM. There will be virtuosos, local celebrities and ukulele students sharing the stage and the fun. This event is FREE.

July 23rd … The 39th Annual Tinman Triathlon starts at Kapiolani Park at 5:30 AM. This ultimate endurance event includes a 750 meter swim at Queen’s Beach, followed by a 40 kilometer bike course and finally 10 kilometer race to the finish line in Kapiolani Park. For more information, check out their website:

July 14th … The Blaisdell Exhibition Hall will be the venue for the Collectibles and Antiques Show from 10:30 AM until 5:30 PM.

July 19th- 21st…The Blaisdell Exhibition Hall will be the site for Goodwill Goes Glam!
We all know Goodwill, but this event will add a little pizzazz to the offerings, including a fashion show with lightly use clothing donated to Goodwill. You can’t be the prices or the mission to help people in need, as all proceeds go to this non-profit here in Hawaii.
This is a three day event begins on Friday the 19th. The doors open at 10 AM.

July 20th …Comedian Dane Cook- Tell It Like It Is tour will be here at the Blaisdell Concert Hall from 7:30-9:30 PM.

July 25th- 26th…The 44th Annual Queen Liliuokalani Keiki Hula Competition will be held at the Blaisdell Arena. The competition begins at 6 PM on the 25th.

July 26th-28th … The Hawaii Bridal Expo will be happening at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall. This event will begin at 5:30 PM on Friday the 26th. There you will find vendors for all your wedding needs, plus food and entertainment.

The Phantom of the Opera will be performed at the Blaisdell Concert Hall next month. Tickets are on sale now…..

Kind regards,
Cathy, Mary and Jeff