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It’s a Balancing Act

Too much stuff sitting around? Not enough stuff sitting around? Where is the balance? Clearly it is personal preference when it comes to accessories. They are the icing and sprinkles on our cake. Lets say the cake represents all the basic furniture. Couches, side tables, coffee tables, and of course the dining table. The icing and sprinkles are everything else! Those of you who love clean lines and little clutter may only want icing, no sprinkles!

Once you have set up the basics, look around the room. Does it need a rug to bring the living room furniture together and feel cohesive? If so, don’t throw the rug out in the middle of the room all by itself. But don’t cover it up with all the furniture, either. The compromise is to have at least the front legs of your couch and chairs on the rug. Then you get to see most of your beautiful rug and the pieces relate to one another.

Let’s talk about tables. Side tables and coffee tables are a must to provide places for lamps and personal objects and of course somewhere to put your drinks. Always protect your furniture with coasters. People will use them if provided.

The tables and coffee table need to be proportionate to the scale of the sofa and chairs. Large couch, large tables….no brainer!

Now, let’s sparingly fill those tables.You will need lighting throughout the room for obvious reasons. We all know the “3’s” rule. Decorate in groups of 3 items of various heights and textures. On the side tables, this is pretty easy. Try these 3 ideas.

1. Your lamp, and don’t be afraid to add some height here. If you feel your lamp is too short, simply place it on some stacked books or even a nice slice of marble to the desired height. Three way light bulbs are the ticket for giving you choices for your lighting needs. Soft for TV viewing and brighter for specific tasks such as reading or needlework. Lampshades also can set the mood with their fabric.They may be casual or bejeweled, but they are out there for the selecting.

2. Consider a framed picture with a subject that is large enough to be seen without having to pick it up to view it.

3. Maybe a small piece of art or pottery. Try using something with another shape to give interest. Live plants can always be introduced here. But if you don’t have a green thumb, faux plants have come a long way. Keep them dusted and no one will be the wiser!

Add some interest to your sofa through the use of pillows. Two larger ones could anchor each end with a few more in various colors and textures added. Not too many! Don’t make your guests have to decide where to put them so they can sit down! Don’t forget to add a throw for those chilly days and afternoon naps!

Do you remember when you decided which house would be the perfect one for you? It was a feeling, you just knew.
Then you added all your personal belongings and it really felt like home then! It’s those possessions that say, “This is who we are!”.

Next month we will continue with accessorizing our home. Let’s look at filling the walls with beautiful art and learn how to arrange our bookcases and shelving, just to name a few ideas.
Learning to use your prized possessions to their fullest potential will certainly elevate your home
and be pleasing to both you and your guests.

I am gonna say right up front that I was hesitant to talk about this place and not for any reason you may think. It is so difficult to get reservations and it is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE JAPANESE RESTAURANT!
hahaha I guess i am being selfish for not wanting to add to my wait time! ๐Ÿ™‚

However, here goes!

Tucked away in a little spot on South King St. is SUSHI IZAKAYA GAKU. It has the most painstakingly crafted cooked and raw dishes. Starting off, delicious, thinly sliced beef tongue, followed by fresh Northwest US oysters on the half shell with ponzu sauce that are scrumptious. Often times Alaskan King Crab is available and cooked to perfection. Fresh local and Japanese fish are offered in many different preparations including carpaccio, sushi and sashimi.

Typically, I like to start off with white fish. Recently they had Suzuki (Japanese Sea bass) as well as Nodoguro (Blackthroat Sea perch). Next I enjoyed Hawaiian Papio (a first for me) and lightly torched Japanese Kinmedai (Golden Eye Snapper). All of these tasty dishes were my token attempt to be low carb. LOL!

Then I was VERY politically incorrect by ordering the most incredible fatty Mexican chutoro and otoro! Sorry, that may get me cursed by the Monterey Bay fish gods!

Finally, I had delicious ( and Not funky) Hokkaido uni (sea urchin) sushi.
They carry a good selection of Japanese sake as well as a small wine list and champagne that will help you negotiate this amazing journey.

Having said all that, I hope I have not dissuaded to try this place. I sincerely hope you find it as fabulous as I do!

Don’t forget to call way ahead for reservations. Surely a good sign of any great restaurant!


Aug. 4,5 Jack Johnson Concert Waikiki Shell
Aug. 5,6 Hawaii Spartan Trifecta Weekend Kualua Ranch
Aug. 4 6:30 pm – 9 pm Joy of Sake Honolulu Hawaii Convention Center
Aug. 6 9 am – 2 pm Na Hula Festival Kapiolani Park
Aug. 11,12 10 am – 9 pm Korean Festival Honolulu Hale Civic Grounds
Aug. 11-13 BIA Home Building and Remodeling Show Neal Blaisdell Center
Aug. 18-20 Made in Hawaii Festival Neal Blaisdell Exhibition Hall
Aug. 20 12 pm-6 pm Annual Slack Key Guitar Festival Kapiolani Park
Aug. 19-27 Duke’s Oceanfest Duke Kahanamoku Beach
Aug. 25-27 Amazing Hawaiian Comic Con Hawaii Convention Center
Aug. 26-27 12 pm-9 pm Annual Greek Festival McCoy Pavillion

Kind regards,
Cathy, Mary and Jeff