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The Balancing Act Part II

In our discussion about accessories we tried to decide the balance between too much stuff and not enough stuff sitting around. Again your personality determines “feast or famine.” If you have no available flat surface in your home, perhaps you went too far!
This month let’s discover how to accessorize our walls and bookcases. Personal choice is paramount when it comes to artwork for your walls. Find a subject you love and run with it. Frames can be various shapes or even different colors if there is a common theme throughout. It could be kid’s or even grand kid’s art or even your own if you are talented in that area. There is a website entitled Wallity that offers lots of wrapped canvasses and many other suggestions at very reasonable prices if you need new ideas.

You can coordinate mismatched artwork very easily with frames of the same color. If you want your prints in a straight line-align either the top or the bottom of each picture on a level line. The prints do not have to be the same size (although they can be) to get this modern look. Imagine a line across the wall so the center of each print is on that line horizontally This is such a great look especially if you have prints of mirrors of various shapes and sizes. Place the pieces no more than 4 inches apart so they relate to one another. Determine what the space will be and stick to it. This requires measuring, measuring and measuring again but the symmetry is well worth the effort. This also applies to groupings of any size or shaped object. Keep the space even and the look is quite pleasing! The rule of thumb for hanging art? 60-65 inches from the floor to the center of the print or grouping.
Do you need to relate to the furniture below your artwork? You bet! A large framed piece over a sofa or sideboard should be positioned 12 inches (or so) above the furniture. Don’t add small art above large furniture. Go big or use many small pieces to form a large grouping.
Don’t hesitate to use over-sized prints even in small rooms. It seems contradictory but it actually tends to enlarge the look of the room!
Art ledges are good options, too. You can just perch your print on the ledge and maybe add a couple small pieces of pottery or the like as well to add texture to the wall.
Now lets sort out those bookcases.

Are you tired of the same old look? Try lining the back of the case with wallpaper or fabric. The sky is the limit here for what you can choose. Coordinate it with the other fabrics in the room and you have an instant new look.
Choose a center shelf and line it with vertical books about 2/3’s of the way. Now, the shelves above and below can have books vertically on each side, leaving the middle open. Add horizontal books for variety and interest. Keep the open spaces empty for a clean look or fill them with framed pictures , pottery or interesting bookends. If you have large baskets, place them on the lowest shelf for easy catchalls. But if you are lucky enough to have tons of books, to me, nothing is better than books, books and more books! If you want to unify the look, cover each book with a pretty or interesting paper. Clearly you will have to incorporate help for this monumental task! The look is so awesome! However, if you use your books often, this will certainly not work, you will have no clue what is underneath those covers!!
Bookcases do not have to house just books. If you have a collection (of almost anything!) give them a home on the bookshelf. You may collect globes, antique toys, duck decoys, pitchers, plates, glassware, pottery to name a few. Anything goes if grouped with like pieces. Just do not be tempted to over stuff it or it will take on the look of a jumbled mess, which is not the look you were seeking!
As you can imagine the ideas for accessorizing are endless.

As the holidays roll around I am sure your accessorizes will give way to the season. This gives you a breather from your everyday stuff which, to me, is a welcomed change! When it comes time to put those decorations away, look at your accessories in a different light and do some switching around! You may be surprised at what you can come up with!

I often feel irritated when I hear the term, “farm to table.” Although the concept is well routed, so many establishments give lip service and use it as a marketing gimmick. Not so with Town Restaurant in Kaimuki. The proprietor, Ed Kenney is an original, soft spoken evangelist for linking farmers with his customers. Ed’s mantra is “local first, organic whenever possible, with aloha always.” He is a host of the PBS show, Family Ingredients that follows a food memory or recipe to its roots wherever that may be.
He has four places now but I still gravitate to Town. Today I went there after the farmers market at Kapiolani Community College. I started off with the perfectly balanced and refreshing Townie Margarita. This was followed by a savory ulu (bread fruit), bacon, leek and corn soup. My last dish was pan fried opah (moon fish) with a limu (seaweed) salsa, lentils and Tokyo turnips with greens attached. No room for dessert today but I guess the margarita was dessert, LOL. My favorite appetizer at dinner is the ahi risotto cake.
Town is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday and there is ample parking behind the restaurant.


15th & 16th 6th Annual Hawaii Burlesque Festival and Revue Honolulu Museum of Art 7:30 pm
16th 4th Annual Oktoberfest Kakaako Waterfront Park 2-10 pm
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23rd Children’s Film & Music Festival Disney Aulani Resort 1-8 pm
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24th Honolulu Century Bike Ride Kapiolani Park to Kailua 6:15 starting time
30th Aloha Festival Floral Parade Ala Moana Park to Kapiolani Park 9 am – noon

Kind regards,
Cathy, Mary and Jeff